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The Story

We’re a natural skincare company inspired by Indian ingredients based in Toronto, Canada. We use ingredients like turmeric, neem, and Indian Robusta coffee beans to name a few, in our products. Our current collection includes two clay masks and a coffee scrub. We’ve formulated our masks with just the right amount of turmeric and neem so that you get all the vitamins and mineral goodness for your skin.

The Ingredients
The ingredients in our mixes are completely natural and vegetarian (and a lot of them are vegan as well). Our ingredients are inspired by the sub-continent of India and the ancient holistic way of life, Ayurveda. At Citrus & Spice we want you to feel good knowing that everything you are putting on your skin comes directly from nature. Our mixes contain no harsh additives or preservatives and are chemical free.
Our Goal
Our goal is to provide as many people as we can with access to skincare products that are good for their skin, their health, and our environment. At Citrus & Spice, we are cruelty free and advocates for natural skincare. Everyone deserves to have access to natural skincare products! We are located in Toronto, Canada.
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