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The Story

Citrus & Spice Skincare Co. is a natural skincare start-up based in Toronto, Canada. We started with a goal to provide natural skincare products to everyone. By natural…we mean completely natural! All of our products are free from additives and preservatives. We were founded by co-founders who experienced these natural skincare recipes first hand from their mothers, grandmothers and women in their communities. They were always taught the importance of using the earth and its natural resources to cure ailments and in general live a holistic life. We are happy to share our timeless recipes with everyone, because everyone deserves to have healthy, natural and awesome skincare products!

The Ingredients

The ingredients in our mixes are completely natural and vegetarian (and a lot of them are vegan as well). Our ingredients are inspired by the sub-continent of India and the ancient holistic way of life, Ayurveda. At Citrus & Spice we want you to feel good knowing that everything you are putting on your skin comes directly from nature. Our mixes contain no harsh additives or preservatives and are chemical free.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide as many people as we can with access to skincare products that are good for their skin, their health, and our environment. At Citrus & Spice, we are cruelty free and advocates for natural skincare. Everyone deserves to have access to natural skincare products! We are located in Toronto, Canada.

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